A new era of fire monitoring, tools, and technology is on the horizon.
Earth Fire Alliance is a global, community-led, non-profit coalition aligned to deliver transformative real-time data from all fires on Earth.
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Escalating megafires are
a crisis without borders.

While fire is a natural part of our planet’s ecology, wildfires are changing, and rapidly. Decades of efficient suppression have produced fuel conditions capable of explosive megafires, which burn hotter, spread faster, and lead to disasters impacting a growing number of communities. 

Every biome on Earth, including tropical rainforest, tundra, and permafrost, are now threatened by disaster wildfires that do irreparable damage to the landscapes on every continent except Antarctica. This planetary crisis requires radical collaboration on a global scale.


Earth Fire Alliance

Founded in 2024, Earth Fire Alliance is a fire-focused 501c3 committed to accessible fire data from and for the entire planet. Through fast action and radical collaboration we deploy solutions that reframe our shared role with fire as stewards of our environment. These are the tenets that guide our work:
Our Purpose
Earth Fire Alliance is founded on the belief that high-fidelity data, equitably accessible on a global scale, will transform humanity’s collective approach and relationship to fire.
Our Mission
  • Observe all of our planet’s fires comprehensively.
  • Serve communities world-wide with timely and trustworthy information.
  • Conserve Earth’s ecosystems and biodiversity by informing climate resilience strategies.
Our Vision
Earth Fire Alliance believes a united global response to the wildfire crisis is possible, and that a data-driven response will expand our focus and funding from reactive suppression, to proactive stewardship, that includes adaptation and beneficial fire practices.
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FireSat, built from the ground up with and for the wildfire community.

FireSat is a first of its kind satellite constellation focused specifically on fire, fire conditions, and fire’s ecological effects. Based on over 200 conversations with frontline chiefs and incident commanders, FireSat meets expressed needs. Our technology is more than a better version of what’s out—and up—there. It’s a never-before-seen strategic data tool specifically designed to enable the transformation from a century-old suppression model to a beneficial fire model—without putting communities in harm’s way.
FireSat satellite

a new era in fire monitoring

Meter-scale resolution.
Real-time revelations.

This wildfire focused system will provide a consistent, accurate, and comprehensive view of fire activity for every fire on Earth. FireSat will deliver near-real time data within minutes of observation, and that’s just the start…
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50 fire-focused satellites
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Data in minutes,
not days
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Precise location alerts

Our partners mean the world to us

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responsibility meets opportunity

Earth needs your help.
So do we.

We believe that the right data — collected by FireSat before, during and after every fire on Earth — will have a transformational impact on humanity’s approach to fires and our role in a changing environment. And we believe this data must be equitably accessible to the agencies around the world who protect their communities. Hear what some of these experts have to say...

“FireSat drives for me the critical needs identified by this multidisciplinary task force The time is right, and the direct and peripheral impact of these data collections cannot be overstated.”

André Coleman
Chief Scientist, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
Member, WhiteHouse First Responder Task Force

“FireSat ushers in a new era of persistent intelligence. This transformative technology serves firefighters, researchers, and the public, providing critical data akin to the convenience of weather updates on our smartphones."

Josh Wilkins
San Bernardino County Fire Captain, Retired
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Radical Collaboration means the best of all worlds.
Philanthropic seed funding and industry innovation enable fast action. Government partnerships will ensure sustained resources for the long haul. Our accomplishments speak volumes, but together we can do more.